About Green Gator Pumping & Sewer

About The Owners

Rick and Debra Newell have opened Green Gator Pumping & Sewer in West Ouachita Parish to serve Northeast Louisiana. Debra is a native of West Monroe, and her husband Rick is from St. Louis where he has 10 years of experience in this industry.


As a skilled pump truck operator, proficient drain cleaner and system trouble shooter, Rick can bring your system back to like new operating status.

About The Company

Green Gator Pumping & Sewer, LLC is a limited liability company licensed by Ouachita Parish, located at 105 Strozier Lane, in West Monroe, LA. Green Gator is insured for both commercial operation of a motor vehicle on public and private roads and liability of accidents due to work performed on public, commercial, and private locations.


Green Gator Pumping is registered with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to pick up and transport solid and liquid waste. We are required to report to the DEQ annually regarding the entire volume transported as well as pick-up points and discharge locations. Green Gator Pumping LLC is authorized to dump at several DEQ Approved disposal sites allowing them to offer low cost to their customers after completely removing all waste from their systems. Green Gator Pumping and Sewer LLC will serve the entire Northeast Louisiana Area. Surcharges apply for areas more than 50 miles from West Monroe, LA.

Our Equipment

This 15-ton truck (loaded) is a Nissan UD CPB13 with a 6 cylinder Hino Engine and 5 speed transmission. It is equipped with a 1500-gallon tank, a Moro Pump, 140’ of 3” diameter suction hose, a 25’ 2” diameter suction hose, and a 6” dump valve. At a fraction over 9’6”, this truck fits perfectly under overhanging obstacles such as electric, telephone, and cable TV wires, etc. The 1500-gallon tank has the volume to hold all the waste from all average size septic tanks, treatment plants, and grease traps.
A pressure washer and 75’ of pressure line assure even the toughest jobs can be handled expertly and expediently. Jet rooting (pressure cleaning from the inside) pipes and lateral lines service will be added in the near future. We currently offer pipe clearing and unclogging using cable machines. The pump truck is equipped with 100’ of 1’ eel cable from the Electric Eel Company, a spool cable machine with 50’ of 3/8’ cable, and a hand held “pistol” type cable for small drains. Additionally, an assortment of tools too numerous to list here range from basic hand tools to pry-bar/levers, which are always on the pump truck for use as the need arises.